Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First term April-July 2011

Well, hello there! I'd like you to meet Eugenia. She was a level 6 student back in 2008. At that time she created this presentation that now will help you create yours... smiles..

This is she.. talking about herself:

My full name is Eugenia Cristina and I'm a simple girl looking to make the most out of life. I love going out with my friends, I'm a total fanatic for design and I like to try different things. It is very important to know english because when you want to travel that will be the medium for which communication will become easier.

For this term you should include in your presentation the following:

1. About me (personal and school info), likes, dislikes, dreams, opinion about english.
2. Introduce a friend
3. What's your take on Beauty?
4. Technology.. Tell about chernobyl
5. About the video...

You can design your mind maps and record your voice in powerpoint. Upload it to your blog and be ready to present it to your class.

Well, this is our model for the first term... can't wait to see yours..
Keep on shining Love and peace!

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