Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can you keep a Secret?

Secrets, secrets, secrets.....

A. Read and answer the following questions, discuss them with your partners:

1.Can you keep a secret?
2.Have you ever revealed someone’s secret?
3.Who do you confide your secrets to?
4.Did you keep a secret diary when you were a child?
5.Do you know anyone who is very secretive?
6.What are the most common secrets?
7.Has anyone ever confessed something to you?
8.Do you think men or women are more secretive?
9.Do you think it is wrong for the media to revealpeople’s secrets?
10.Is it good to have secrets?

B. Now, do you know these words?  if you don't... ask your partners.. don't just translate it to Spanish ..explain what it means in English. Check the dictionary if you are not sure.


C. You are going to watch a film called Your Secret in which you have to think about a secret. Follow the instructions in the film, and then when you have finished tell your partner how you feel.

D. This is the transcript of the film. The transcript has some words missing, in pairs try to complete from what you remember of the film. Watch the film a second time to check your answers. Click here to see the answers.

Your Secret
Let’s make something ________ together. I mean you who are sitting watching this video andme. OK? Let’s think of something ________.Not something you would buy. Not something trendy.Something ________ and personal. Somethingcolourful. Something important. Something ________ (maybe for others, but not for you).Like how excited you were by ________ when youwere a kid. Like the smell of second-hand books or something only you can see and this will be our secret.Now, keep your eyes ________ and think of thisspecial thing until you’ve counted to 3. If you’rereading this, your eyes are now________. Unlessyou’ve got some special power and can see thingsbehind your closed eyes. Or unless you’ve ________ and haven’t closed them at all (which isn’t that bad,don’t worry)(Unless you haven’t even thought of your secret)(ButI know you did)Actually, I have seen your secret. It was ________.Thank you for ________ it with me. Did you like it? Idid. Now let’s make a deal. Let’s take time everydayto think of a beautiful secret, for instance, when youwake up. When you are taking a______. Anywhere,anytime. Don’t be scared, you are________. Your secret will always ________ between you and me.

E. Now, write a few sentences to answer these questions:

What do you think the message of the film is?
Did you like this message?

Taken and adapted from:  A Free Lesson from FilmEnglish by Kieran Donagh