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Unit 2. Describing Yourself and Others

Lab Activities
**Lab tasks can be taken in class or at home.

Unit 1. Describing yourself - Personality traits

Unit 1. Describing yourself - Personality traits

Read the following description:

Discuss these with your classmates:
1. What are some new words in the description?
2. What do you know about the person in the description?
3. Are the words and expressions used in the text, positive or negative?
4. Do you think the girl likes the way she is?
5. What about you? Do you have anything in common with her?

Now, If you had to choose 5 words to describe yourself.. which ones would you choose? Here you have some word clouds to help you... If you don't know some of them... Find them in an online dictionary.. :)

Here you have some more:

Positive Traits

Inventive, Exciting, Thoughtful, Powerful, Practical, Proactive, Productive, Professional, Quality, Quick, Balanced, Achiever, Knowledgeable, Leader, Literate, Logical, Initiator, Original, Outgoing, Particular, Patient, Active, Positive, Consistent, Compassionate, Incredible, Independent, With Integrity, Mediator, Emotional, Cheerful, Forgiving, Sensuous, Generous, Sporty, Devoted, Candid, Rebellious, Cooperative, Industrious, Interesting, Racy, Meditative, Understanding, Quirky, Quixotic, Optimistic, Accomplished, Adept, Analytical, Articulate, Artistic, Self Disciplined, Controversial, Individual, Tolerant, Naive, Green, Unselfish, Sophisticated, Stable, Strong, Successful, Tactful, Talented, Team Player, Fun, Intelligent, Changeable, Passionate, Intense, Intuitive, Upbeat, Vibrant, Funny, Constructive, Customer-oriented, Dependable, Direct, Loyal, Competitive, Political, Social Conscious, Modest, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Enterprising, Entrepreneurial, Facilitator, Focused, Genuine, Open Minded, Wise, Sensitive, Sense of Humor, Sensible, Sincere, Skilled, Solid, Communicative, Helpful, Fast, Responsible, Results-driven, Results-oriented, Self-reliant, Organised, Knowledgeable, Logical, Personable, Pleasant, Flexible, Adaptable, Persuasive, Perceptive, Insightful, Trustworthy, Easy going, Good listener, Imaginative, Warm, Ambitious, Diplomatic, Curious, Leader

Negative traits

Most people would consider the character traits described by the personality adjectives below to be "bad" or negative. This is generally true, but remember that there can be exceptions. For example, for a policeman "aggressive" might be a negative trait while for a boxer it could be positive.

aggressive, aloof, arrogant, belligerent, big-headed, bitchy, boastful, bone-idle, boring, bossy, callous, antankerous, careless, changeable, clinging, compulsive, conservative, cowardly, cruel, cunning, cynical, deceitful, detached, dishonest, dogmatic, domineering, finicky, flirtatious, foolish, foolhardy, fussy, greedy, grumpy, gullible, harsh, impatient, impolite, impulsive, inconsiderate, inconsistent, indecisive, indiscreet, inflexible, interfering, intolerant, irresponsible, jealous, lazy, Machiavellian, materialistic, mean, miserly, moody, narrow-minded, nasty, naughty, nervous, obsessive, obstinate, overcritical, overemotional, parsimonious, patronizing, perverse, pessimistic, pompous, possessive, pusillanimous, quarrelsome, quick-tempered, resentful, rude, ruthless, sarcastic, secretive, selfish, self-centred, self-indulgent, silly, sneaky, stingy, stubborn, stupid, superficial, tactless, timid, touchy, thoughtless, truculent, unkind, unpredictable, unreliable, untidy, untrustworthy, vague, vain, vengeful, vulgar, weak-willed

What is one positive & one negative word you can use to describe yourself?

English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions 

Descriptions of people (personality - character - appearance)

Select 10 words more and describe yourself....

How I Describe Myself

These are the positive words I think best describe me:
Now get those words and create your own word cloud with wordle. Go to wordle and get it. Share it on twitter .. Use #doris3meflcenter and in our facebook group.  You can include physical, job and personality description words.....Be ready to tell us in class ..

Time to describe someone else... :)

Listen and watch the following video....

Who are these people describing? 

Read the following descriptions and discuss with your partners who are being described.

1 She's absolutely adorable. I think she's very pretty, she makes me laugh a lot, um... she tells terrible jokes but I like the way she tells them. She's a bit naughty sometimes and I curse her when she gets me up at six o'clock in the morning, but when I hear her singing in the morning, well, all is forgiven. She can twist me round her little finger, of course. 

2 He was very boring and predictable. The kind of person who remembered birthdays and anniversaries, but who made you angry because there was absolutely nothing spontaneous about him. His ideas of fun were so unadventurous. Well, the first few years were OK, but after that I'd just had enough. Reliable, stable, dependable, and boring. 

3 Well, he's quite well-dressed and punctual. Sometimes he's cheerful and tells us jokes, but other times we have to do a lot of work. We don't really know him very well. Oh, I know he's married, but I've never met him socially or anything like that. He seems very professional. 

4 I've never actually spoken to him. Mmm, I see him every day, of course, as he leaves his car and get in the lift to his office on the top floor. He's always terrible well-dressed, and he must wear expensive after-shave because you can still smell it ten minutes after he's gone.

Tell your partners.. How would you describe:

1. Your parents
2. A teacher
3. Your best friend
4. Your boy friend, girlfriend, crush
5. Your favorite singer
6. A sport personality
7. A fashion designer
8. Someone you admire

Describing People and Places

Questions for people, places and things

For peopleQuestionAnswer
AppearanceWhat does David look like?Oh, he's a handsome man. He's tall with fair hair.
What is he like?
(What's he like?)
He's a lovely man.

For placesQuestionAnswer
AppearanceWhat is Tuscany like?
(What's Tuscany like?)
Oh, it's a very pretty place.
CharacteristicsWhat is Tuscany like?
(What's Tuscany like?)
It's a lovely place.

For thingsQuestionAnswer
AppearanceWhat is the new Jaguar car like?
(What's the new Jaguar car like?)
Oh, it's a beautiful car.
CharacteristicsWhat is the new Jaguar car like?
(What's the new Jaguar car like?)
It's a very comfortable car.

Adjectives to Describe Places

unspoilt, plain, quiet, clean, dirty, ancient, modern, industrial, mountainous, low-lying, flat, tropical, overcrowded, cosmopolitan, picturesque, agricultural, fertile, rough, barren, bleak, busy, temperate, narrow, polluted, contaminated, humid, dry, lively, monotonous, varied, cultural, traditional, developed, developing, urban, rural, foreign, local, outdoor, indoor


1. Take either Test A or Test B. Was the result like you?  Yes? No? Why? Share the result on our facebook group wall. 
2. Audio Forum or video forum..? Describe yourself  and a friend, a relative or someone you like.(physical, personality, job, explain the words you use..) Share it on our facebook group. Go to

3. Audio Forum. Describe a place in the world.