Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unit 2. Movies

Movies... We all love them

Task 1. Vocabulary building. Class work: Complete the following hand out: Movie Language.

Task 2. What's the best movie? What's your favorite movie? Pair work. Go to Movies and select 5 questions. Write them down or copy and paste them in a notecard. Ask them to your classmate. Write some notes.. Report your findings.

Task 3. In pairs, Make a movie RiddleYou can find information about your favorite movie at IMDB Biggest Movie Data Base

Task 4  Check  the top 250 movies At IMDB. Discuss with your group about them. How many of them have you seen? Select 10 of those movies and be ready to explain why you chose then. Put a PowerPoint or slide show together with the posters of your chosen movies.

Task 5. The Oscars

Visit the official blog of the Oscars 2014. Find out who are the nominees for this year.

- Discuss with your classmates. Have you seen any of this movies? which one? What kind of movie i it? who are the actors and actresses in it?
Did you like it? yes? No? why?

- Select one of the movies ad watch the trailer. Write the words in it. Practice them. Present it to the group.

- Predict the winners select your picks 

Task 6 Workshop

For this task we are supposed to work in groups and have fun researching and putting together an oral presentation. What do you have to do? well, here we have the checklist: (make sure you include all of these in your presentations))

  1. Get in groups of 4, 3, 2 or just 1 student.
  2. Go to and select one of the nominees movie for this year
  3. Get the poster of the movie and the trailer.
  4. Get the facts fact of the movie: 
    • Director, 
    • Release Date, 
    • Genre (key words), 
    • Tag line
    • Plot, 
    • Cast (the main actors and actresses, short description of the character in the movie) 
  5.  Fun stuff
    • trivia: some interesting fact about the movie
    • quotes: Select a scene of the movie and write the dialog of the scene... be ready to perform the scene in class.
    • soundtrack. Get the lyrics and the song of the movie. Point out what part of the song do you like the most and how the song relates to the movie.
  6.  Review of the movie: read several reviews of the movie.. quote some of them and add your group's review... Check this to help you talk about your review Adjectives to describe movies
  7. What's the message in the movie?
  8. Upload your PowerPoint ppp in slideshare or Authorstream.. remember to record your voice explaining the slides...
  9. Share your work in Twitter or Facebook..
  10. Use the following format for your presentation...

Task 7. Make your own movie.
  • Go to Dfilm
  • Select a scene from one of your favorite movies and make your own movie.
  • You can use some memorable quotes from IMDB Biggest Movie Data Base for your movie.
Task 8. Drama

  •  Select a scene from the movie you talked about in your presentation. Find the script and read the scene, practice with your classmates.. get ready to present it to the class. 

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