Sunday, July 20, 2008

May-July 2008 Final Week Class

Hello, There! Introducing a voice forum for our last week class... From now on... we are going to record our participations in class in these forums. I know... we are finishing our level 6 but you can keep in touch with us through these conversations we are going to have in UTTERZ.

Let's get started with our first Conversation... All you have to do is ... click on the replies... Look at the tittle tutorial I put together for you (click on the image to see a larger picture of it).... if you have any questions... you know you can ask your partners or me.

And now, the conversation.... click to listen to the question and participate with your opinion... leave a message to your classmates and teacher.

What would you like to say on your final week class to your classmates and teacher?

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Announcing our weekly meeting in WizIQ!

Everybody is invited to join us every week! Sessions will take place in WIZIQ Fridays at 9:30 pm... Venezuela Time. We are -4:30 GMT

This week: we will getting familiar with WIZIQ and we will be meeting people from the world. All you have to do is to introduce yourself and tell us about your blogs and school life.

Friday, 20 June, 2008
9:30 PM To 10:30 PM SA Western Standard Time
The link to the session is this: Click here

You can view a recording of a WIZIQ session here. Click on view recording to check what WIZIQ is like.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AuthorStream.... Check it out!

For our classes we are using our always popular PPT.. power point presentation + recordings of your voice to upload it to the Internet and finally post it to your blogs... Watch the video and check out all the things you can do by using AuthorStream.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

About technology!

Last class we discussed about technology! A dear friend invited us to join her students at their ning community.

All you have to is to go to the following link: First, you have to register and later participate in the forum.. you can add friends and invite them to read your blog or your International Collaboration page.
Well, hope to see you all there!!! and read your exchanges with students from Argentina and Korea.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Announcing our May-July 2008 Photo Gallery!

Finally, here we have our first week photos... looking good!!!! Click on them and download them to use them in your blogs....

May/July 2008

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A meme!!!

What is a Meme?
Here there are some definitions:
A meme is:
  • An idea that, like a gene, can replicate and evolve.
  • A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation.
  • A meme (pronounced /mēːm/) consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

  • This a meme I found when I visited my friend Bertha's blog. We are going to experiment with our first meme... so here it goes.... I answered these questions about my life and I am going to pass them to some of you... later you will pass those same questions to 3 more classmates you would like to know more about.

    What were you doing 10 years ago?
    Ten years ago... 2008 now... so that was 1998. I was in my last year at LUZ and having my practice classes at Liceo Escolastico Andrades in Mcbo. I had already gotten married and was pregnant with my first son Leslie Enrique.
    5 things you have to do today:
    Today, I have two of my classes to teach.. I am also teaching teacher Patricia Charles's class. I have to go to the pharmacy to buy some medication for chicken pox. My son got it from my little son.
    Snacks I enjoy…
    I love chocolate. Specially Nutella. my favorite snack is to have nutella with bread.
    Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
    I would buy a house for my mom and another one for me. I would donate some of the money to a children or elderly institution and probably start my own language school. Of course, i will go on a vacation to a exotic place like Fiji.
    Three of my bad habits:
    Being strong headed sometimes... working too much...
    5 places I have lived:
    I haven't lived in many places... I lived in Ciudad Ojeda and Anaco once.
    5 jobs I have had:
    I have always worked as a teacher.. language teacher..
    3 people I want to know more about:
    I would like to know more about: Mariangely Caldera, Jose Pirela, Helimenes Hernandez

    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Announcing bloggers for our May-July 2008 Trimester!!!

    Level 6
    Andrea Escalante
    Jimmy Khadaj
    Helimenes Hernandez
    Daniel Rodriguez
    Andres Fuenmayor
    Luis Fuenmayor
    Andreina Arrieche
    Maria Linares:
    Antonio Visentin
    Pamela Barrios
    Mariangel Marin
    Carlos Mendoza
    Jose Pirela
    Alejandro Ricciulli
    Francisco Ferrer
    Angelica Castillo
    Exequiel Linares19:
    Luisiana Castillo:
    Jaime Fuentes:
    Jose Paredes
    Victor Ocando
    Esvaldo Villasmil
    Silvia Lopez:
    Eymi Adrianza
    Bianca Perez
    Jose Barboza:
    Oriana Atencio
    Eddy Amador,
    Cesar Rondón
    Davide Di Turo
    Maria Martinez
    Kelvin Ferrer
    Tania Rincón:
    Josue Vielma
    Luis Castillo
    Eucaris Garcia:
    Ibrahim Araujo
    Luis Repizo
    Veronica Pereira
    Eduardo Rumbos
    Josmar Lopez
    Joel Molina
    Angel Ferrer
    Andres Nava
    Aleris Rivas
    Andres Navarro
    Mayela Romero
    Eddy Amador
    Victoria Valbuena

    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Welcome May-July 2008 Class!

    Welcome, everybody!

    This new trimester, we will be working with The Speaking Group. But what is that? you may be asking yourself. Well, let's try to explain what it is about. To start with:
    1. It is mostly about learning and practicing your English.
    2. It is about learning English by talking about different topics. You will be reading, listening to, writing and talking about different topics in English.
    3. It is about learning English using technology. That means we will be using computers and internet to find real updated information concerning your different interests. We are going to experiment and play with new ways to learn autonomously. Learning for life. Learning to learn. Learning by doing. We will watching and listening to videos as well as making videos. We'll have the chance to use different tools to express our ideas and interact with people.
    4. It is about learning and practicing your English in groups, in community. Be ready to meet students and teachers from the university and the world. Of course, there will be tasks you must complete on your own.
    That was a general description of the course. Now, how the classes take place:
    • Classes are going to be held at the lab. I f you can't come to classes, you can connect at home or wherever you have access to a computer and Internet.
    • You need to get a google account, since we will using different tools provided by Google. make sure to register to Gmail, Google Reader, Google Talk, Google Doc, and Blogger
    • Blogs are going to be your personal journals. There you will register everything we do in class. All your homework and tasks should be there.
    • Every class will be a taken as a workshop or TALLER. Try not to miss your classes and if you do, keep your blog updated.
    • Homework will be assigned for each one of the units covered in class. The dateline to hand in your homework will be the day of your test. It means you will have the chance to work on your blog till the exam day.
    • Corrections to writing will be done through Google documents.

    Things you need to do to take this class:
    • Get a Gmail account and register to Google services: reader, Google talk, reader and blogger.
    • Get a blog at Blogger. For instructions on how to that get the power point presentation from our box or follow the tutorial prepared by Vance Stevens.

      At the end of this class. I should have:

      • Read my class guidelines
      • Met my new classmates
      • Worked with the introductory task
      • Registered at Google and have a Gmail account.
      • Registered to Google readers.
      • Registered to Google doc.
      • Downloaded Google Talk and activated my IM.
      • Downloaded alt+ click software to my computer.
      • Opened my Blogger account and posted my first entry.
      • Registered at the International Collaboration Ning social network
      • Taken two surveys
      This is a mind map of the class program

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Last Task Before We Say Good Bye Jan-Apr 2008 Speaking Gruop

    Please, visit your partners blogs and leave a comment on their blogs... you can say something like what you like about them or something like.... how well they did or how lucky you were by being together .. please, keep shining and blogging.. I promise I will keep reading what you have to say... Love you all... you were a really cool group. I know that each one of you is very talented and that you are going to be great professionals in your fields.

    Cinthia Osorio
    Johana Reyes
    Joselin estaba
    Dionerio Gonzalez
    Enrique Govea
    Eugenia Perez
    Patricia Perche
    Ricardo Molina
    Eduardo Montaña
    Antonieta Viloria
    Daniela Soto
    Jose Arraiol
    Gabriela Corona
    Daniel Soto
    Luis Perez
    Daniel Sanchez

    Well, here there are the links... so go ahead and say hello and goodbye to your partners in EFL adventures.

    Photo by sliceoflife

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Where to Find Creative Common Images

    Creative Commons Trademark What's Creative Commons?

    According to Wikipedia

    The Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others legally to build upon and share. The organization has released several copyright licenses known as Creative Commons licenses. These licenses, depending on the one chosen, restrict only certain rights (or none) of the work.


    Attribution icon Attribution means:
    You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work - and derivative works based upon it - but only if they give you credit.

    Noncommercial icon Noncommercial means:
    You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your work - and derivative works based upon it - but for noncommercial purposes only.

    No Derivative Works icon No Derivative Works means:
    You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform only verbatim copies of your work, not derivative works based upon it.

    Share Alike iconShare Alike means:
    You allow others to distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs your work.

    This is the one I use. All my work is under these license:

    Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

    Use keywords or tags to find an image that is related to your posts in your blogs and don't forget to write the source where you found the information or images or video or music you are using in your blogs.

    Search for Creative Commons images using these sites:

    * commons/by-nc-nd-2.0
    * Wikimedia Commons

    Search for Creative Commons audio and music using these sites:
    * Jamendo - An archive of music albums under Creative Commons licenses

    Source: Flicker, Answers, Creative Commons

    Monday, April 7, 2008

    Unit 8. Podcasting

    Podcasting: According to … Podcasting is “Recording a non-music audio broadcast (news, sports, discussion, etc.) in the MP3 format for playback in a digital music player.”

    Our final project will be to record a mp3 radio program to upload to our blogs. This is how to do it:

    Watch this powerpoint point explaining some things about podcasting

    Not clear yet? Here yo have another short video explaining what podcasting is about...

    Now, visit Bardwell Road Center Podcast and listen to some of its programs. They are good model you can follow to record your own podcast.

    1. You will need:
    mp3 recorder. You can use your phone, mp3 player or a program called audacity.

    2. After the shows are ready, upload your mp3 files to Imeeem. Register there and get the code to post it in your blog.

    3. Make a power point presentation of the making of the podcast. Record your voice describing what happened during the podcast recording and upload it to your blog. You can upload your powerpoint to authorstream. Get the code and paste it back in your blog.

    Here you can see some podcasts from past terms as examples of what you can do. Here you have Josue's podcast, too.

    This is Eric's making of the podcast Power Point.

    A tip about these tips: Copy this note or any part of it you wish to investigate, then paste it into your chat. Now look at your chat history. The links are hot, hot, hot! You can now click on a link and open it in a browser window for your learning enjoyment. ..

    A podcast about podcasting!
    Tips for Listeners from Apple!
    Podcasting 101
    Ten Tips for Improving Your Podcasts

    Scottmerrick Oh's from his NECC 2007 Windows Podcasting Tools, Tips, and Strategies for Success session NECC2007

    Monday, March 31, 2008


    Unit 7. College Life

    VideoJug: You're Not In High School Anymore

    Task 1. Giving Opinions about College life. Consider the following questions:
    1. How do you like your university?
    2. How many subject are you taking this semester?
    3. What is your major? Why did you choose your major? Do you have any regrets?
    4. Are there some professors that you can learn from more easily than others? What are the qualities that make you want to study for a certain professor? Who is your favorite teacher?
    5. How did you decide which college to attend?
    6. What are three big differences between your college life so far and your high school days?
    7. Are you more independent from your parents now than you were in high school?
    8. What is the most difficult class you have taken so far?
    9. Are you a member of any student groups? Which ones? What do you do? Are you satisfied with what's happening with your group(s)?
    10. What are the top three changes you would like to see happen at your university?
    11. What are the top three things you hope to get out of (get as a result of) your university days?
    Task 2. Click on the link. Read Tips for Adjusting to University Life and Resources at the Counseling Services and compare it to your student life in your university. Draw a mind map for each university.

    Task 3. Phototalking. Take 3 photos of your student life and talk about it. Use snapvine to record your comments.

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Unit 6. Cartoons!

    Cartoons or anime? what is the difference?

    Read the following discussion:

    How To Draw A Cartoon Man

    For more on cartoon drawing go to Videojug
    Now want to draw with a MAESTRO...? Watch the following video and learn to draw birds and bulls... really easy.. So, let's watch The MAESTRO in action

    ‘Visite à Picasso’ (1950) 20m, dir. Paul Haesaerts A poetic treatment which includes the artist painting on glass while facing the camera, shot at Picasso's home in Vallauris, accompanied by some fairly moody organ music in this very dark, but captivating film. The artist here takes on the character of an eminence-grise, an alchemist engulfed in the "sol y sombra" of his laboratory-studio, filmed in gorgeous black and white.

    This item is part of the collection: Academic Film Archive of North America

    Now, if you were a super hero ... which one would yo be? Take the super heroe quiz and find it out.

    Here we have a look at some concepts and comics that are important to know to help us decide how we are going to create a cartoon a fun project....

    Well, this is something really fun! Imagine you can create your own cartoons. Let's do that just for fun. Go to and try to design a cartoon. First, write a short conversation with two characters. Next, start designing your cartoon. Just follow the instructions. Don't forget to send me your cartoon by email.

    Here is another great place to design your cartoon...Witty Comic

    This is a bonus task to get extra credits for your 2nd term.

    Keep on shining!

    Sources: Internet Archive , make Beliefs Comix, Video Jug

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Movies and Environment

    Find more videos like this on International Collaboration

    This is another great oral presentation by Eugenia Perez... Enjoy it... I did... I haven't seen that movie but after listening to Eugenia ...for sure I'm going to. The Environment part was great, too. Listen and follow those tips..

    Friday, March 7, 2008

    Unit 5. Environment! Let's go green!

    Environment... what a great word... environment is everywhere... Looking after our environment means we are caring for and keeping clean the place where we live. The planet and what's happening in it, should be everybody♥s concern.

    In this unit, we discuss environmental issues, find out how we are helping to hurt our planet and finally think of ways to go green and awaken our ecological spirit.

    Firstly, we will be discussing and learning new vocabulary related to climate change, and global warming.
    Task 1
    Reading: Global Warming.

    Task 2
    Brainstorm a environmental mind map.
    Task 3
    Visit some of the following sites to read and learn more about this interesting and important issue in our lives.
    Task 4
    Watch the following videos and write your opinion:

    For more videos,

    Task 5
    Make a video or power point presentation explaining your environmental worries as well as some tips on how we can become green.

    cartoon source:

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Unit 2. Movies

    Movies... We all love them

    Task 1. Vocabulary building. Class work: Complete the following hand out: Movie Language.

    Task 2. What's the best movie? What's your favorite movie? Pair work. Go to Movies and select 5 questions. Write them down or copy and paste them in a notecard. Ask them to your classmate. Write some notes.. Report your findings.

    Task 3. In pairs, Make a movie RiddleYou can find information about your favorite movie at IMDB Biggest Movie Data Base

    Task 4  Check  the top 250 movies At IMDB. Discuss with your group about them. How many of them have you seen? Select 10 of those movies and be ready to explain why you chose then. Put a PowerPoint or slide show together with the posters of your chosen movies.

    Task 5. The Oscars

    Visit the official blog of the Oscars 2014. Find out who are the nominees for this year.

    - Discuss with your classmates. Have you seen any of this movies? which one? What kind of movie i it? who are the actors and actresses in it?
    Did you like it? yes? No? why?

    - Select one of the movies ad watch the trailer. Write the words in it. Practice them. Present it to the group.

    - Predict the winners select your picks 

    Task 6 Workshop

    For this task we are supposed to work in groups and have fun researching and putting together an oral presentation. What do you have to do? well, here we have the checklist: (make sure you include all of these in your presentations))

    1. Get in groups of 4, 3, 2 or just 1 student.
    2. Go to and select one of the nominees movie for this year
    3. Get the poster of the movie and the trailer.
    4. Get the facts fact of the movie: 
      • Director, 
      • Release Date, 
      • Genre (key words), 
      • Tag line
      • Plot, 
      • Cast (the main actors and actresses, short description of the character in the movie) 
    5.  Fun stuff
      • trivia: some interesting fact about the movie
      • quotes: Select a scene of the movie and write the dialog of the scene... be ready to perform the scene in class.
      • soundtrack. Get the lyrics and the song of the movie. Point out what part of the song do you like the most and how the song relates to the movie.
    6.  Review of the movie: read several reviews of the movie.. quote some of them and add your group's review... Check this to help you talk about your review Adjectives to describe movies
    7. What's the message in the movie?
    8. Upload your PowerPoint ppp in slideshare or Authorstream.. remember to record your voice explaining the slides...
    9. Share your work in Twitter or Facebook..
    10. Use the following format for your presentation...

    Task 7. Make your own movie.
    • Go to Dfilm
    • Select a scene from one of your favorite movies and make your own movie.
    • You can use some memorable quotes from IMDB Biggest Movie Data Base for your movie.
    Task 8. Drama

    •  Select a scene from the movie you talked about in your presentation. Find the script and read the scene, practice with your classmates.. get ready to present it to the class. 

    Here are the Oscars!!! and the winners is.....

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Eugenia's Introduction

    This was Eugenia♥s oral presentation for the first term. It was one of the best presentations and I have to tell that I personally enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations Eugenia!!! So, what are we waiting for.. let's meet Eugenia!

    Find more videos like this on International Collaboration

    Giving a presentation: Introductions

    Listen to the following podcast with tips about giving and oral presentation and getting your audience's attention with a great introduction.

    This podcast was taken from Splendid Speaking

    Interview 9: Captivate your Audience with Memorable Introductions

    Do you need to practise giving short presentations either for an English examination or at work or University? Are you confident that you could grab your audience’s attention right from the start with a memorable introduction This week’s podcast features Werner from Germany who is currently living in Poland.

    This task was taken from the CAE Handbook, available on the Cambridge ESOL website (PDF file. Right Click and 'Save target as' to download):

    Register to Splendid talking for more tips on how to improve your speaking skills.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    Unit 3. Technology. What's your favorite gadget?

    In class Activities

    • Watch the video and discuss about it. What are they comapring in the video?

    Lab Activities
    • Make a power point presentation about unit 1, 2 and 3
    • Record your voice delivering your presentation
    • Upload your power point presentation to authorstream
    • Get the code and paste it to your blog
    • Listen to the song and try to sing along..

      **Lab tasks can be taken in class or at home.
      Photos By Imamon, ubersurgeon, SlipStreamJC

      Physical Descriptions and Beauty

      Hello, there! Well, last class we discussed about physical descriptions and the concept of beauty. We also watched some videos Dove Evolution and Ron Mueck, got the chance to interview a friend, and design a mid map with your partner's description to finally write a composition about your new friend.

      Uploaded by geminat
      Photo By
      : obo-bobolina

      Sunday, January 13, 2008

      Unit 2. Describing Yourself and Others

      Lab Activities
      **Lab tasks can be taken in class or at home.

      Unit 1. Describing yourself - Personality traits

      Unit 1. Describing yourself - Personality traits

      Read the following description:

      Discuss these with your classmates:
      1. What are some new words in the description?
      2. What do you know about the person in the description?
      3. Are the words and expressions used in the text, positive or negative?
      4. Do you think the girl likes the way she is?
      5. What about you? Do you have anything in common with her?

      Now, If you had to choose 5 words to describe yourself.. which ones would you choose? Here you have some word clouds to help you... If you don't know some of them... Find them in an online dictionary.. :)

      Here you have some more:

      Positive Traits

      Inventive, Exciting, Thoughtful, Powerful, Practical, Proactive, Productive, Professional, Quality, Quick, Balanced, Achiever, Knowledgeable, Leader, Literate, Logical, Initiator, Original, Outgoing, Particular, Patient, Active, Positive, Consistent, Compassionate, Incredible, Independent, With Integrity, Mediator, Emotional, Cheerful, Forgiving, Sensuous, Generous, Sporty, Devoted, Candid, Rebellious, Cooperative, Industrious, Interesting, Racy, Meditative, Understanding, Quirky, Quixotic, Optimistic, Accomplished, Adept, Analytical, Articulate, Artistic, Self Disciplined, Controversial, Individual, Tolerant, Naive, Green, Unselfish, Sophisticated, Stable, Strong, Successful, Tactful, Talented, Team Player, Fun, Intelligent, Changeable, Passionate, Intense, Intuitive, Upbeat, Vibrant, Funny, Constructive, Customer-oriented, Dependable, Direct, Loyal, Competitive, Political, Social Conscious, Modest, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Enterprising, Entrepreneurial, Facilitator, Focused, Genuine, Open Minded, Wise, Sensitive, Sense of Humor, Sensible, Sincere, Skilled, Solid, Communicative, Helpful, Fast, Responsible, Results-driven, Results-oriented, Self-reliant, Organised, Knowledgeable, Logical, Personable, Pleasant, Flexible, Adaptable, Persuasive, Perceptive, Insightful, Trustworthy, Easy going, Good listener, Imaginative, Warm, Ambitious, Diplomatic, Curious, Leader

      Negative traits

      Most people would consider the character traits described by the personality adjectives below to be "bad" or negative. This is generally true, but remember that there can be exceptions. For example, for a policeman "aggressive" might be a negative trait while for a boxer it could be positive.

      aggressive, aloof, arrogant, belligerent, big-headed, bitchy, boastful, bone-idle, boring, bossy, callous, antankerous, careless, changeable, clinging, compulsive, conservative, cowardly, cruel, cunning, cynical, deceitful, detached, dishonest, dogmatic, domineering, finicky, flirtatious, foolish, foolhardy, fussy, greedy, grumpy, gullible, harsh, impatient, impolite, impulsive, inconsiderate, inconsistent, indecisive, indiscreet, inflexible, interfering, intolerant, irresponsible, jealous, lazy, Machiavellian, materialistic, mean, miserly, moody, narrow-minded, nasty, naughty, nervous, obsessive, obstinate, overcritical, overemotional, parsimonious, patronizing, perverse, pessimistic, pompous, possessive, pusillanimous, quarrelsome, quick-tempered, resentful, rude, ruthless, sarcastic, secretive, selfish, self-centred, self-indulgent, silly, sneaky, stingy, stubborn, stupid, superficial, tactless, timid, touchy, thoughtless, truculent, unkind, unpredictable, unreliable, untidy, untrustworthy, vague, vain, vengeful, vulgar, weak-willed

      What is one positive & one negative word you can use to describe yourself?

      English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions 

      Descriptions of people (personality - character - appearance)

      Select 10 words more and describe yourself....

      How I Describe Myself

      These are the positive words I think best describe me:
      Now get those words and create your own word cloud with wordle. Go to wordle and get it. Share it on twitter .. Use #doris3meflcenter and in our facebook group.  You can include physical, job and personality description words.....Be ready to tell us in class ..

      Time to describe someone else... :)

      Listen and watch the following video....

      Who are these people describing? 

      Read the following descriptions and discuss with your partners who are being described.

      1 She's absolutely adorable. I think she's very pretty, she makes me laugh a lot, um... she tells terrible jokes but I like the way she tells them. She's a bit naughty sometimes and I curse her when she gets me up at six o'clock in the morning, but when I hear her singing in the morning, well, all is forgiven. She can twist me round her little finger, of course. 

      2 He was very boring and predictable. The kind of person who remembered birthdays and anniversaries, but who made you angry because there was absolutely nothing spontaneous about him. His ideas of fun were so unadventurous. Well, the first few years were OK, but after that I'd just had enough. Reliable, stable, dependable, and boring. 

      3 Well, he's quite well-dressed and punctual. Sometimes he's cheerful and tells us jokes, but other times we have to do a lot of work. We don't really know him very well. Oh, I know he's married, but I've never met him socially or anything like that. He seems very professional. 

      4 I've never actually spoken to him. Mmm, I see him every day, of course, as he leaves his car and get in the lift to his office on the top floor. He's always terrible well-dressed, and he must wear expensive after-shave because you can still smell it ten minutes after he's gone.

      Tell your partners.. How would you describe:

      1. Your parents
      2. A teacher
      3. Your best friend
      4. Your boy friend, girlfriend, crush
      5. Your favorite singer
      6. A sport personality
      7. A fashion designer
      8. Someone you admire

      Describing People and Places

      Questions for people, places and things

      For peopleQuestionAnswer
      AppearanceWhat does David look like?Oh, he's a handsome man. He's tall with fair hair.
      What is he like?
      (What's he like?)
      He's a lovely man.

      For placesQuestionAnswer
      AppearanceWhat is Tuscany like?
      (What's Tuscany like?)
      Oh, it's a very pretty place.
      CharacteristicsWhat is Tuscany like?
      (What's Tuscany like?)
      It's a lovely place.

      For thingsQuestionAnswer
      AppearanceWhat is the new Jaguar car like?
      (What's the new Jaguar car like?)
      Oh, it's a beautiful car.
      CharacteristicsWhat is the new Jaguar car like?
      (What's the new Jaguar car like?)
      It's a very comfortable car.

      Adjectives to Describe Places

      unspoilt, plain, quiet, clean, dirty, ancient, modern, industrial, mountainous, low-lying, flat, tropical, overcrowded, cosmopolitan, picturesque, agricultural, fertile, rough, barren, bleak, busy, temperate, narrow, polluted, contaminated, humid, dry, lively, monotonous, varied, cultural, traditional, developed, developing, urban, rural, foreign, local, outdoor, indoor


      1. Take either Test A or Test B. Was the result like you?  Yes? No? Why? Share the result on our facebook group wall. 
      2. Audio Forum or video forum..? Describe yourself  and a friend, a relative or someone you like.(physical, personality, job, explain the words you use..) Share it on our facebook group. Go to

      3. Audio Forum. Describe a place in the world.