Monday, April 7, 2008

Unit 8. Podcasting

Podcasting: According to … Podcasting is “Recording a non-music audio broadcast (news, sports, discussion, etc.) in the MP3 format for playback in a digital music player.”

Our final project will be to record a mp3 radio program to upload to our blogs. This is how to do it:

Watch this powerpoint point explaining some things about podcasting

Not clear yet? Here yo have another short video explaining what podcasting is about...

Now, visit Bardwell Road Center Podcast and listen to some of its programs. They are good model you can follow to record your own podcast.

1. You will need:
mp3 recorder. You can use your phone, mp3 player or a program called audacity.

2. After the shows are ready, upload your mp3 files to Imeeem. Register there and get the code to post it in your blog.

3. Make a power point presentation of the making of the podcast. Record your voice describing what happened during the podcast recording and upload it to your blog. You can upload your powerpoint to authorstream. Get the code and paste it back in your blog.

Here you can see some podcasts from past terms as examples of what you can do. Here you have Josue's podcast, too.

This is Eric's making of the podcast Power Point.

A tip about these tips: Copy this note or any part of it you wish to investigate, then paste it into your chat. Now look at your chat history. The links are hot, hot, hot! You can now click on a link and open it in a browser window for your learning enjoyment. ..

A podcast about podcasting!
Tips for Listeners from Apple!
Podcasting 101
Ten Tips for Improving Your Podcasts

Scottmerrick Oh's from his NECC 2007 Windows Podcasting Tools, Tips, and Strategies for Success session NECC2007

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