Sunday, May 25, 2014

Job Interview

Job Interview

Exercise 1
1. Watch the following video and summarize some of the tips on how to get ready for a job interview.

Exercise 2
* Watch a second video...

This video will help you get the vocabulary and expressions needed to be successful in a job interview.

1.  Make a list of the key questions and answers studied in the video.
2.  Make a job interview following the model in the video. With the help of a partner, record or make a video of your interview.
3. Send the interview to the teacher or upload it to youtube.

Have fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Peace Building

Workshop 1 - Level 6 - Words for Peace

All these exercises must be sent to your teacher in audio files.. you can write your answers but also should record them either on a video or in an audio file... Send them to Doris Molero in Facebook.. private message.. Don't forget to add your name, Id number and session...

Exercise 1. Consider the following questions and write and record your answer..

* What's peace? Write a definition with your own words.
* is peace important?
* Is peace possible?
* What do we need to live in peace?

Exercise 2. Make a list of 10 words and 5 expressions related to peace.

* Check the following links to find ideas..

* you can use wordle to make a word cloud
* Record your comment about your word cloud

Exercise 3. Select a word or an expression to tell what you stand for... Design a small poster.

What do you stand for? ....I stand for.....justice, love, freedom...

*record your comment about your poster..

Exercise 4. Share your definition and your message using the hashtags: ‪#‎doris3meflcenter‬ ‪#‎urbe‬ ‪#‎maracaibo‬ ‪#‎myfaceforpeace‬

Exercise 5 * Watch the following video, read the transcript..

* Summarize the main points of the talk and give your opinion about it. Write and record your answer. Record your comment about the video. Go to, record and upload your comment. or record a nota de voz in your phone....
* Share the link with us in twitter or our facebook group. Use #doris3meflcenter

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Class Program January - April 2014

Conversational Class - Oral Expression Progam
By Doris Molero on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 5:16pm

Welcome to our class, everyone!

In this class will be working towards the goal of helping you improve your speaking skills. Nevertheless, we'll be working all skills in order to provide the scaffolding you need to succeed in this class and get you talking in a fluent and more confident way. These skills are:

1.Vocabulary building
2. Speaking
3. Reading
4. Pronunctiation
5. Listening
6. Working on projects to promote collaboration and social exchanges
7. Digital literacies


First term  - 30%
Date              Lesson     Theme                                                   Assesment
23/01/2014    Unit 1      Describing yourself - Personality traits       Class task    2.5 pts
30/04/2014                    Describing people and places                   Class Task   2.5 pts

06/02/2014    Unit 2      Movies - The Oscars                                Class Task
13/02/2014                  Movie Presentations and discussion           Team Task   10 pts  - Presentations    7 pts
Individual participation 3 pts
20/02/2014                  Drama - scene from a movie                     Team Task    5 pts

Second term  - 30%
Date              Lesson     Theme                                                   Assesment
27/02/2014   Unit 3    Peace Building  - reading                             Class task     3 pts
06/03/2014                 Discussion - Interview  Guest Speaker       Class Task    6 pts

13/03/2014   Unit 4   Social activism - Bottle caps for Kids            Class Task    5 pts
20/03/2014                Green thinking                                                Team work   6 pts

Third term  - 40%
Date              Lesson     Theme                                                   Assesment
27/03/2014   Unit 5    Job interview - Finding a job                        Class task      2.5 pts
03/04/2014               Job interview - writing a resume                   Class task     2.5 pts
10/04/2014               Getting ready for the interview                      Class task     5 pts
24/04/2014               Job interview  - Drama                                 Pair Task      10 pts

This program can be modified. Please, Keep that in mind.

Well, hope you have fun. See you in our audio and text forums. Bring your mic and headphones to class. Don't forgte to check our class blog and follow us on twitter: #doris3meflcenter

Keep on shining love and peace!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Final Projects Russian -Venezuela Cultural Exchange

Well, I have to say That I am very proud of the work of these two groups of students.  These are their findings (final presentations and blogs).

Isaac Elejalde

Jose Reyes

Please visit they blogs and leave them a comment..
Keep on shining love an peace!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Russian Venezuelan Project! Jan-Apr 2012

Russian Venezuelan Project!

We are meeting students from Russia again!!!..

1st meeting: March, 21st
  • Getting to know each other. Interviewing about family/friends, personal likes/dislikes, character traits.
  • Compare Venezuela and Russia: climate, cities, people, myths and stereotypes, why you are proud of your country, 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike about your country, places that are worth visiting.
2nd meeting: March, 28th
  • Watch the documentary: Project Home . Discuss it: How did the planet transform during time? what is happening with the balance in our planet? who or what is causing the planet to change? what are some of the consecuences? which one impressed you the most? what can we do to get balance back? •What ecological problems are typical for the place you live in? Do people do anything to deal with it? What do they do? Is it effective? How does pollution influence your life? Can you say that you live in technologic society? Is technology important for you? How? What brands are popular at your place? Are they available? Which technology is used in education?
3rd meeting: April, 11th
  • Hobbies: popular hobbies in the country, what books you read, what films you watch, what music you listen to (may be exchange some tracks), what sites you like on the web
  • Active Life: a sport you like to do or to watch, popular sport in the country, fans, extreme sports, dancing as a sport and as a hobby.  
Final project: April 18th
  • Groups present together in WIZIQ and SL

Venezuelan team: Jose, Javier, Isaak, Daniela and Raquel


From Venezuela: Issac and Javier
From Russia: Ivan, Julia

From Venezuela: Jose
From Russia: LeraZaisik

From Venezuela: Daniela and Raquel
From Russia: Arkady

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KP's Speech Class Ways to Organize a Speech

Hey, there!!! It's time for us to learn how to organize a Speech! So, let's watch the following video. Please, write some notes on your notebook or in your blog.

Find more videos like this on Storytelling and Song For English Language Learners

While you are watching. Think about how people process information, how much they can handle, how you make it interesting.

Now, answer the following questions:
1. What's chucking information?
2. How can you do it?
3. what are so ways to organize a speech?
4. What's a speech skeleton?

Let's practice get in couples and try to select a topic and Organize a speech following the tips in the video. be ready to present to class.

Keep on shining love and peace! Doris3m

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st Term Assesment jan-apr 2012

Greetings, my dear students! We got to the end of this term. It's been interesting. Hope you guys have found what we shared benefitial to your career.

1st Term Assesment

1st term test: 10 pts
Blog posts: 10 pts

Blog Posts:

1.  About blogging. Write a post following the task here:

2.  Unit 1. Introducing yourself. Write a welcome post about you and a friend of your class:
Include a mind map of your intro. Record your introduction at Discussion » Doris3m EFL Center. Introduce yourself!

3. Unit 2. Write a post on your blog with your opinion about beauty.  Debate position.. what was your take? (Reading are you good looking?).  Record your description and opinion about beauty at

4. Unit 3. Write a post about your opinion on technology....What's our favorite gadget? Record your comment here: Reading: The Touchy-Feely Future Of Technology. . Record your opinion about technology
5. Second Life. Write a post about your experience on SL. What's your avi's name? Post a picture of the avi and keep a record of the activities you have participated in. Our meeting point in sl is
Well, have fun and keep on shining Love and Peace!