Thursday, June 28, 2007

Speaking Group May 2007- July 2007

These are the links to our Speaking Group Students!

David Narvaez:
Jaqueline Davila:
Diego Solano:
Luar Covarrubia:
Rogert Fuentes:
Freddy Chavez:
Luisa lopez:
Luis pulido:
Keiron Castellano:
Lorraine Ramirez:
Luisana Marval: and
Franklin Castellano:
Daniela Sanchez:
Rommy Weffer


fonts said...

Hello teacher, sorry for not complete the request that you gave to me but the videos are very bigs for around 200 to 500 Mb so the duration to upload them is very long like 2h for each file (with the URBE's speed conection of course)so i save them in my pen drive and i'll bring to you in the next class...

sorry again!
rogert fuentes.

doris3m said...

That's OK! Roger... I'm trying to upload them myself...It'll take time but I'm working on that... That's for your concern.

A hug!