Monday, May 19, 2008

Announcing bloggers for our May-July 2008 Trimester!!!

Level 6
Andrea Escalante
Jimmy Khadaj
Helimenes Hernandez
Daniel Rodriguez
Andres Fuenmayor
Luis Fuenmayor
Andreina Arrieche
Maria Linares:
Antonio Visentin
Pamela Barrios
Mariangel Marin
Carlos Mendoza
Jose Pirela
Alejandro Ricciulli
Francisco Ferrer
Angelica Castillo
Exequiel Linares19:
Luisiana Castillo:
Jaime Fuentes:
Jose Paredes
Victor Ocando
Esvaldo Villasmil
Silvia Lopez:
Eymi Adrianza
Bianca Perez
Jose Barboza:
Oriana Atencio
Eddy Amador,
Cesar Rondón
Davide Di Turo
Maria Martinez
Kelvin Ferrer
Tania Rincón:
Josue Vielma
Luis Castillo
Eucaris Garcia:
Ibrahim Araujo
Luis Repizo
Veronica Pereira
Eduardo Rumbos
Josmar Lopez
Joel Molina
Angel Ferrer
Andres Nava
Aleris Rivas
Andres Navarro
Mayela Romero
Eddy Amador
Victoria Valbuena


Berta said...

Dear Doris, you´ve got tons of students to do blogging, wow. I have 55 students in my reading course but we have a class blog. Since our objective is just reading, thet do not open their own blogs as the class is content based. They do contribute with ideas, videos, pictures I post later on.
Here is the one we have this term:

Cariños a todos,

Berta said...

Sorry, me again.This is the direct link our 113 class blog