Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Russian Venezuelan Project! Jan-Apr 2012

Russian Venezuelan Project!

We are meeting students from Russia again!!!..

1st meeting: March, 21st
  • Getting to know each other. Interviewing about family/friends, personal likes/dislikes, character traits.
  • Compare Venezuela and Russia: climate, cities, people, myths and stereotypes, why you are proud of your country, 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike about your country, places that are worth visiting.
2nd meeting: March, 28th
  • Watch the documentary: Project Home . Discuss it: How did the planet transform during time? what is happening with the balance in our planet? who or what is causing the planet to change? what are some of the consecuences? which one impressed you the most? what can we do to get balance back? •What ecological problems are typical for the place you live in? Do people do anything to deal with it? What do they do? Is it effective? How does pollution influence your life? Can you say that you live in technologic society? Is technology important for you? How? What brands are popular at your place? Are they available? Which technology is used in education?
3rd meeting: April, 11th
  • Hobbies: popular hobbies in the country, what books you read, what films you watch, what music you listen to (may be exchange some tracks), what sites you like on the web
  • Active Life: a sport you like to do or to watch, popular sport in the country, fans, extreme sports, dancing as a sport and as a hobby.  
Final project: April 18th
  • Groups present together in WIZIQ and SL

Venezuelan team: Jose, Javier, Isaak, Daniela and Raquel


From Venezuela: Issac and Javier
From Russia: Ivan, Julia

From Venezuela: Jose
From Russia: LeraZaisik

From Venezuela: Daniela and Raquel
From Russia: Arkady

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KP's Speech Class Ways to Organize a Speech

Hey, there!!! It's time for us to learn how to organize a Speech! So, let's watch the following video. Please, write some notes on your notebook or in your blog.

Find more videos like this on Storytelling and Song For English Language Learners

While you are watching. Think about how people process information, how much they can handle, how you make it interesting.

Now, answer the following questions:
1. What's chucking information?
2. How can you do it?
3. what are so ways to organize a speech?
4. What's a speech skeleton?

Let's practice get in couples and try to select a topic and Organize a speech following the tips in the video. be ready to present to class.

Keep on shining love and peace! Doris3m