Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meeting Eugenia Cristina!

Well, hello there! I'd like you to meet Eugenia. She was a level 6 student back in 2008. At that time she created this presentation that now will help you create yours... smiles..

This is she.. talking about herself:

My full name is Eugenia Cristina and I'm a simple girl looking to make the most out of life. I love going out with my friends, I'm a total fanatic for design and I like to try different things. It is very important to know english because when you want to travel that will be the medium for which communication will become easier.

Well, this is our model for the first term... can't wait to see yours..
Keep on shining Love and peace!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discussion » Beauty... what's beautiful or who's beautiful to you? why?

Second Discussion.. get your mic and leave your opinion!!!

Discussion » Beauty... what's beautiful or who's beautiful to you? why?

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

Discussion » Doris3m EFL Center. Introduce yourself!

Let's introduce ourselves... get a mic and record your intro...!!!

Discussion » Doris3m EFL Center. Introduce yourself!

Listen to more students from the world introducing themselves 

Keep on shining Love and peace!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome Group Sep-Dec 2010!!

Welcome, everybody!

This new trimester, we will be working with The Speaking Group. But what is that? you may be asking yourself. Well, let's try to explain what it is about. To start with:
  1. It is mostly about learning and practicing your English.
  2. It is about learning English by talking about different topics. You will be reading, listening to, writing and talking about different topics in English.
  3. It is about learning English using technology. That means we will be using computers and internet to find real updated information concerning your different interests. We are going to experiment and play with new ways to learn autonomously. Learning for life. Learning to learn. Learning by doing. We will watching and listening to videos as well as making videos. We'll have the chance to use different tools to express our ideas and interact with people.
  4. It is about learning and practicing your English in groups, in community. Be ready to meet students and teachers from the university and the world. Of course, there will be tasks you must complete on your own.
That was a general description of the course. Now, how the classes take place:
  • Classes are going to be held at the lab. I f you can't come to classes, you can connect at home or wherever you have access to a computer and Internet.
  • You need to get a google account, since we will using different tools provided by Google. make sure to register to Gmail, Google Reader, Google Talk, Google Doc, and Blogger
  • Blogs are going to be your personal journals. There you will register everything we do in class. All your homework and tasks should be there.
  • Every class will be a taken as a workshop or TALLER. Try not to miss your classes and if you do, keep your blog updated.
  • Homework will be assigned for each one of the units covered in class. The dateline to hand in your homework will be the day of your test. It means you will have the chance to work on your blog till the exam day.
  • Corrections to writing will be done through Google documents.

Things you need to do to take this class:
  • Get a Gmail account and register to Google services: reader, Google talk, reader and blogger.
  • Get a blog at Blogger. For instructions on how to that get the power point presentation from our box or follow the tutorial prepared by Vance Stevens.
    At the end of this class. I should have:

    • Read my class guidelines
    • Met my new classmates
    • Worked with the introductory task
    • Registered at Google and have a Gmail account.
    • Registered to Google readers.
    • Registered to Google doc.
    • Downloaded Google Talk and activated my IM.
    • Downloaded alt+ click software to my computer.
    • Opened my Blogger account and posted my first entry.
    This is a mind map of the class program

Bloggers Sep-Dec 2010

Marihu Cobo
Diana Cordero
Kelvis Finol
Beatriz Garcia
Andres Gonzalez
Firaz Koteich
Angelica Matos
Miguel Montero
Gerardo Romero
Diego Velasquez
Rafael Silva.
Karla Villalobos
Angelica Ramos