Friday, March 7, 2008

Unit 5. Environment! Let's go green!

Environment... what a great word... environment is everywhere... Looking after our environment means we are caring for and keeping clean the place where we live. The planet and what's happening in it, should be everybody♥s concern.

In this unit, we discuss environmental issues, find out how we are helping to hurt our planet and finally think of ways to go green and awaken our ecological spirit.

Firstly, we will be discussing and learning new vocabulary related to climate change, and global warming.
Task 1
Reading: Global Warming.

Task 2
Brainstorm a environmental mind map.
Task 3
Visit some of the following sites to read and learn more about this interesting and important issue in our lives.
Task 4
Watch the following videos and write your opinion:

For more videos,

Task 5
Make a video or power point presentation explaining your environmental worries as well as some tips on how we can become green.

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