Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Task Before We Say Good Bye Jan-Apr 2008 Speaking Gruop

Please, visit your partners blogs and leave a comment on their blogs... you can say something like what you like about them or something like.... how well they did or how lucky you were by being together .. please, keep shining and blogging.. I promise I will keep reading what you have to say... Love you all... you were a really cool group. I know that each one of you is very talented and that you are going to be great professionals in your fields.

Cinthia Osorio
Johana Reyes
Joselin estaba
Dionerio Gonzalez
Enrique Govea
Eugenia Perez
Patricia Perche
Ricardo Molina
Eduardo Montaña
Antonieta Viloria
Daniela Soto
Jose Arraiol
Gabriela Corona
Daniel Soto
Luis Perez
Daniel Sanchez

Well, here there are the links... so go ahead and say hello and goodbye to your partners in EFL adventures.

Photo by sliceoflife

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