Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fall: a Machinima

Well, last class we discussed the video named Fall by Lainy Voom. A challenge was posted in Facebook for you to answer after watching the video:

Fall from Lainy Voom on Vimeo.
Love is both a beautiful and fragile thing....

What's the meaning of the word fall in this video?... here you can find some definitions:

Check the definitions. Which one fits better to the situation in the video?

Here we have some expresions and phrasal verbs using the word Fall

– phrases
fall foul (or N. Amer. afoul) of come into conflict with.
fall in (or into) line conform. [with ref. to military formation.]
fall into place begin to make sense.
fall over oneself to do something informal be excessively eager to do something.
fall short (of)
    * 1 (of a missile) fail to reach its target.
    * 2 be deficient or inadequate.
take the fall N. Amer. informal incur blame or punishment in the place of another.

– phrasal verbs
fall about Brit. informal laugh uncontrollably.
fall apart (or to pieces) informal lose one's capacity to cope.
fall back retreat.
fall back on have recourse to when in difficulty.
fall down fail.
fall for informal
    * 1 fall in love with.
    * 2 be deceived by.
fall in take one's place in a military formation.
fall in with
    * 1 meet by chance and become involved with.
    * 2 agree to.
fall on/upon
    * 1 attack fiercely or unexpectedly.
    * 2 (of someone's eyes) be directed towards.
    * 3 be the responsibility of.
fall out
    * 1 have an argument.
    * 2 leave one's place in a military formation.
    * 3 happen.
fall through fail.
fall to become the duty of.

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