Saturday, January 21, 2012

First class in the lab! jan-Mar 2012

Last class we discussed what blogs are. We worked on the following questions:

Have you read a blog before? Do you have a favorite blog. Share your favorites if you have some. What do you notice about blog format? What’s the writing like? What about the use of photos and other images? How does a blogger make a blog unique? How can blogs help you improve your command of English?

You were supposed to search the web for three blogs related to something you like very much or your field of expertise. Write a post on your blog about it? add images and links to your choice of blogs.

Also, we worked on getting a blog and learning basics things like adding images, links, videos and finding information in English. Use this model to help you write a welcome post...  

Finally, we tried to get in world in Second Life... write a post on your blog about your avatar!!! What's your avi's name? add a photo.. tell of your first experience in SL.

Well, that was an interesting class... hope you have had fun!

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

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